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My name is Alacrysta, and I'm a cosplayer who provides fun interactive entertainment at anime, comic and other fandom conventions for all ages! I'm also the occasional performer and costume maker. I also co-produce an open stage drag show in Columbus! I also love traveling and meeting new people and visiting new places and events! I would love to come to your local fandom convention!

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My Story

Alacrysta is a passionate cosplayer who brings interactive musical and and fandom content to conventions across the country since 2014. With a special blend of encouraging and crazy, Alacrysta creates a unique and engaging experience for fans and attendees from all walks of life. Through captivating performances and creative hosting, Alacrysta's presence adds a special touch to every event. In previous evolutions, Alacrysta was, in order of most recently: Aeonica, J83, and Japanicana83. He most often cosplays women and his fandoms are: Disney, Idols, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Taylor Swift, PC gaming, retro games and more. Anna from Frozen is his "spirit twin."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

alacrysta on facebook!

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